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How to get Mobile Notification of your Robot's Trade?

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

What if you had a way to stop sitting in front of the charts for hours on end hunting for trades, cut down on your emotionally driven decisions and help manage your trades? Would you do it?

Creating MT4 mobile alerts to your mobile phone so that you get a “push notification” using either your MT4 or MT5 platform can be setup in minutes and used for many different scenarios to save you time and make your trading better.

Instead of sitting and staring at your charts, needing to manage your trade and hoping that price moves a certain way, or sitting and watching price tick up and down (I know you do it!) waiting for price to go to a level to make a trade, you can set an alert right to your mobile phone.

You can be notified with MT4 mobile alerts and then take the appropriate action right on your mobile charts.

You can jump onto your mobile trading platform and move your stops, check your charts, or make the trade you were waiting for to form, but in-between you can do other much more productive things with your time.

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